Our Vision

To be the first educational institution based on cooperative learning principles, providing science and knowledge to help build and develop communities.

Our Mission

To promote knowledge, encourage innovation, and provide higher education programs with high-quality content at nominal prices that suit everyone.


We are devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally.

  • Global focus – Our students come from across the world, from a range of backgrounds, and of all ages. We aim to include all individuals in all programs, and our courses are designed to meet a broad range of needs.
  • Modern Learning Systems – We use modern online learning systems to provide suitable online courses that meet all necessary qualification standards.


  • To enable low-income people to complete their university education.
  • To transfer knowledge through Arabization and translation.
  • To increase educational content and enrich Arabic libraries with research and translations.
  • To transfer knowledge from the educational activities to the real world.
  • To encourage cooperation and solidarity among people.

Knowledge and learning are a right for everyone, and all members of society are responsible for preserving that right.

Our commitment to students is to give them high quality and free education to ensure that they get the necessary skills and knowledge to build their future.

We do not prevent anyone from obtaining their right to education.

We stand for scientific honesty in research and knowledge transfer, providing open access resources to those who cannot afford our educational programs.

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